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Types of Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are primarily categorized into five types: standard poles, anti-shock poles, hiking staffs, ultra-light trekking poles and compact or women's poles. Let's find out the difference today so you can discover what fits your needs best.

Standard trekking poles

For simple hikes / beginners, standard trekking poles might be a good choice not only because the great majority of them are lightweight as a result from being made from aluminum but also because they are relatively inexpensive. They don't have other special features like anti-shock ones absorbing shock as they are planted especially when going downhill, but they do provide you balance and support at a similar level.

These poles should be adjustable though so you can customize them for your height and the trail you are on. You will also want to adjust their length depending on whether you are going uphill or downhill as well. A telescopic adjustor is the best since you can fine-tune the exact length you desire, but make sure the locking mechanism is sturdy, otherwise the poles will collapse after putting too much pressure. Black Diamond trekking poles all use the FlickLock mechanism which is more secure than the normal twist locks.

Anti-shock trekking poles

Anti-shock poles, as the name implies, have a mechanism to absorb shock when they are planted. The absorption helps to decrease the shock into your body which makes them to be an ideal choice for those people who have had hip surgury, damaged knees, or weak ankles. The anti-shock feature should be turned off when not necessary, such as going uphill, since it will reduce the power when you plant the poles, refocusing the weight back on your lower body. As a result of this functionality, anti-shock trekking poles are normally more expensive than standard poles.

Hiking Staffs

A hiking staff, also called a walking staff, is a single pole that can be effectively used on simple flat terrain without weight on your back. They are also adjustable like other types of trekking poles and some of them include anti-shock features. They're useful if you need one hand free (for example for photography) and if the trail is not as challenging but you would still like some lower body support.

Ultra-light trekking poles

If you are one of the hikers or backpackers who are looking to minimize weight from your hiking trips, ultra-light trekking poles are designed perfectly for you. Mostly they are made from carbon fiber or other lightweight materials to ensure that they are much lighter than standard trekking poles.

Compact or women's trekking poles

The last type of trekking pole is specifically designed for women. These poles are normally shorter in length and lighter in weight, as well as equipped with compact comfortable grips which are easy for women to hold by their smaller hands.

Hope you now have a better idea of what type of trekking poles you want! Or, read more about my first time with a hiking staff. We're here to help you find the right poles for your hiking needs, so if you'd like a more personal recommendation just reach out to us at contact@trekkingpolesguide.com. Catch ya on the trails!

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